Joey and Cassie’s Salmon River Engagement

Cassie and I go back to sunday school at the local church, baking ‘pies’ in the front yard, a countless number of sleepovers, and of course gymnastics.. lets just say Cassie was amazing.. and umm me.. not so much. Cassie and her family were a large part of my childhood.. they are a family that always had their arms wide open. The Jesmonth’s have a house filled with love and spending time there was a very happy childhood memory for me. I first met Joey when I stopped by Cassie’s house for a tag sale all to find out that Cassie and Joey were selling their things because they were moving across the country to California, I was so happy for them! When Joey and Cassie came back East for their engagement session I knew in the first few minutes that they were meant to be. The was Joey looks at Cassie, and the way Cassie smiles at Joey, they adore each other. I always knew Cassie would find a wonderful man who treated her with respect, and love. She most definitely found that in Joey! I am so honored to be the one who will be telling their love story on their wedding day.

“I have Found the One Whom My Soul Loves” – Song of Solomon 3:4