Kristi’s Senior Portraits – 2013

Kristi’s Senior Portraits
Kristi and I go way back! Back to the days of playing school for hours in the basement with her and her sisters, and playing ‘house’. I spent countless nights over at ‘the girls’ house staying up late watching Spice Girls movies, walking through the woods to block buster and eating ‘big poppa John’s’ food. So many of the memories I have of my childhood include the girls, us all laughing, playing, and just enjoying life!
When I was asked to photograph Kristi for her Senior Portraits I was so excited, and felt very honored that she would ‘choose’ me! I have seen her grow up from an infant into a young adult, and may I add.. a beautiful young adult!
We had such a wonderful time taking all of these pictures, Kristi took along her friend Rachel, who did a great job at making her laugh! I couldn’t of asked for better weather in March, it wasn’t too cold, the sun stayed in just enough and then came out rite when we needed it. It was a great photo session. I was thrilled I was able to capture Kristi’s natural beauty!
Kristi, I wish you the best finishing up your senior year, I am very proud of you!
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