Christmas Tree Hunt

This year I struggled with buying a fake tree or getting a real one. The ease of a fake tree is SO appealing. Take it out of the attic during nap time, get it ready to set up, after nap set it up in ten minutes, decorate in 20 and done! What doesn’t sound good about that? Well.. then I started thinking. My childhood memories of picking out the “perfect christmas tree” walking around Baldi’s Tree farm for hours, the smell of real pine trees, and the sticky sap that got all over my hands. The memories of the tree never fitting right in the stand and my dad tying fishing line to the tree and nailing it to the wall so it would stand, the memories of my parents bickering because the process was so long, and the memories of getting a tree being a family day event and not just an hour. Picking out the ‘best’ christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do.. and now I get to do it with my daughter! My dad and I took Angelina to Reneson’s Christmas Tree farm to pick out the perfect tree. We found it within minutes! A small but sweet tree. These are the memories I hope Angelina has for years to come. A tradition I hope she continues into her own life when she is grown.